Setting up login redirects

Login Redirect Pro offers several options to redirect users when they log in.

Redirect login to the previous page #

This option redirects your visitors to the previous page they were browsing, that is to say the page they were reading before logging into your site. It is a good experience, especially for users who do not have any administrative rights: they might log in to comment for instance so it is best to redirect them to the article/page they were on.

Redirect login to a custom page #

This option redirects all users to the custom URL you have defined in the URL field.

Redirect login depending on the user’s role #

This option allows you to fine-grain redirect your users depending on their user role on your site. Editors can be redirected on a dedicated page for instance. All user roles can have their own redirection, or you can group roles so they are redirected to the same URL.