Better Comments

Better Comments is a great tool to help you style and customize your comment form and your comments section, in just a few clicks. It saves you from having to…


Sky Login Redirect Premium

Sky Login Redirect Premium redirects all users, specific users, or roles to the page they were reading prior to logging in or logging out or to a custom page. Features…


Kind words from our happy customers

I am developing a big site for a non-profit organisation with many pages, multiple levels of menu, and forms. Sky Login Redirect saved the day. It made the crucial difference to a user’s navigation experience as it allowed a user to login and stay on the page. Without it, the user journey would be a huge problem. Most appreciated and thank you.

John Ching

It is so frustrating for users to get redirected to their profile page (ug) or the front page when they log in.

Now my users are happy – whenever they think of logging in they can and then they can keep on using the website right from where they were.

Every WP site should have this plugin.

Support is amazing too.

Sharon Q.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! So glad I found this. So simple and it works: redirects to the current page before logging in.

I would give it ten stars if I could. Thanks for this plugin Matt.

Ronny Z.

A marvel. Example of plugin necessary to use WordPress as a true CMS.

Mika R.

Thank you! After searching and trying a lot of options a came to this. And this plugin worked instantly.

C. X.