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Better Comments

Better Comments is a great tool to help you style and customize your comment form and your comments section, in just a few clicks.

It saves you from having to meddle with your child theme's CSS, just select the options you need and you're all set.

Here's a glimpse of what you can do with Better Comments:

Comment form

  • customize the look and feel of your comment form fields: border, radius, background and text colors
  • match the submit button with the colors of your site: border, radius, background and text and hover colors, dropshadow
  • highlight the fields as they are selected and typed in
  • set a Comment Policy section that can sit before or after the comment textarea, and define its look and feel
  • stack all fields in the comment form, to mimick a mobile view
  • move the comment field to the bottom of the form
  • remove the URL field

Comment section

  • define round avatars
  • define hexagonal avatars
  • hide the comment's date
  • design the Reply button to your liking: border, radius, background, text, hover colors

To get more features, we offer 3 different plans to accomodate your needs, all offering complementing options.

Better Comments Plus offers the possibility to :

  • enable comments quicktags for your audience to format their comments nicely: you can define built-in quicktags with the most used quicktags (bold, italic, link etc) or define your own quicktags within the admin panel
  • access time-saving admin controls: oEmbeds in comments, disable admin self-notifications, add referrer to notifications, allow admin to comment on closed to comments posts

Better Comments Pro adds up the possibility to:

  • get all Plus options
  • reduce SEO errors with smart redirects and keep the juice flowing
  • increase security levels and reduce spam: shutdown trackbacks, disable comments cookies, discard comments posted with a numeric name, discard people impersonating registered members

Better Comments Business further adds the option to:

  • get all Pro options
  • disable comments on both built-in post types and your custom post types
  • remove comments completely from both built-in post types and your custom post types

New features are added on a regular basis.

Coming soon


1.4 (2022-03-03)

  • Fix - optimize quicktags placement for Quick Reply on the backend's Comments page
  • Fix - ensure quicktags bar is displayed inline for all themes
  • Fix - local avatars now display correctly on the frontend, with a fallback on a custom default avatar, then gravatar as last resort
  • Fix - local avatars now display correctly in the backend: dashboard, edit comments pages
  • Fix - local avatars no longer take over other avatars on Settings > Discussion
  • Fix - local avatars (even on localhost!) now display correctly on Settings > Discussion
  • Add - add padding setting to reply links
  • Add - add setting to remove text-decoration from reply links
  • Enhancement - only apply styles for comment form if comments are enabled and the form shown
  • Enhancement - clarify the options names for the comment policy option
  • Enhancement - better custom quicktags scenario
  • Enhancement - better replytocom handling
  • Enhancement - better styles handling
  • Enhancement - better options handling
  • Update - Freemius SDK
  • Update - CF SDK

See changelog for all versions.

An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.