Login Redirect Pro

Login Redirect Pro redirects users to the page they were reading prior to logging in or logging out.

It detects if the login request points to the backend and can prevent login redirect loops (when the referring page is a login or register page).

It now features a setting page where you can select options to redirect users :

  • Set custom login and logout redirects for WordPress
  • Set custom redirects for WooCommerce
  • Set custom redirects for all your user roles
  • Additional settings to customize your login page

Login Redirect Business offers even more options:

  • Set custom redirects for specific users.
  • Drag and drop the login/logout widget
  • Use the login/logout shortcode in your posts, pages and custom post types
  • Add a login/logout link to any position in any of your menus


Released on August 8th 2020.

  • New add sandboxed iframe for the login customizer.
  • New when custom URLs options are selected, URLs are compulsory.
  • New `/wp-admin` redirection requests are now bypassed.
  • New add missing helper field descriptions.
  • New add widget tab.
  • New add security tab.
  • Update remove apostrophes from field descriptions.
  • Update correct typo in the custom logout redirect field label.
  • Update correct typo in the logo’s CSS declaration.
  • Update reorganize tabs for consistency.
  • Update consolidate CSS styles.
  • Update new default translation file.
  • Update update to Carbon Fields SDK.
  • Update bump minimum WordPress version to WordPress 4.6
  • Update bump minimum WC version to WooCommerce 3.3
  • Update tested with WooCommerce 4.4
  • Update tested with WordPress 5.5
  • New added the new Business plan that offers even more options:
  • New add option to set login redirects for specific users.
  • New add a login widget.
  • New add a login-logout shortcode, that can be used in articles or widgets.
  • New add the possibility to add the login/logout link to any position in any of your menus.


Released on February 7th 2020.

  • New define background color and background image for the login page
  • New define background color and background image for the login form
  • New define label color for the login form labels
  • New the visibility of the Remember Me checkbox can now be toggled
  • Update default WooCommerce redirects added in. This solves a possible white screen in some configurations
  • Update logo toggles have been moved down to the Extra Login section for consistency
  • Update new style for the Upgrade button
  • Update earlier action for the Remember Me option
  • Update localization called later
  • Update default translation file
  • Update French translation
  • Update Carbon Fields SDK


Released on January 4th 2020.

  • New Performance improvements: multi-select options are now called with callable functions, which improves reactivity in the backend and only loads the dependencies on our plugin’s option page.
  • New Plugin icon now displays on the update plugin page.
  • Update Improved redirect to previous page logic to avoid redirect loops.
  • Update Improved redirect logic when referer is empty.
  • Update Plugin row links for Pro users.
  • Update Carbon Fields SDK.


Released on January 2nd 2020.

  • New Added localization and default POT file.
  • New Updated all strings with our text-domain.
  • New Added French translation.
  • New Added WooCommerce support tags.
  • New Added CSS style for the WooCommerce install message.
  • New Added support and docs links to the plugins list page.
  • Update Refactored CSS and JS files so that there is no more inline code.
  • Update Removed duplicate function in favour of a namespace import.
  • Update Freemius SDK.


Released on Dec 9th 2019.

  • New Fonts are now loaded locally.
  • New New options in the login customizer: custom logo upload, custom CSS for the login page.
  • Update CSS styles.
  • Update New set of icons and colours.
  • Update Login customizer tab layout


Released on Dec 5th 2019.

  • New Settings link on the plugins list page.
  • New Font Awesome icons have been replaced with Line Awesome icons.
  • Update readme description and links.


Released on Nov 29th 2019.

  • New Added Pro activation logic when the free plugin is already installed
  • New Updated readme file and plugin header


Released on Nov 17th 2019.

  • New Complete plugin rewrite for modularity and efficiency
  • New Brand-new settings page to configure your redirects
  • New Clean login and logout URLs (no explicit redirect set in the URL)
  • New More options for login and logout redirects
  • New More options to customize the login page
An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.